Wednesday, September 15, 2010


two placemats woven with taiten shibori before being pulled/scrunched

the work-in-progress (WIP) i'm sharing today is called woven shibori. above are two placemats that have been woven in taiten shibori, which means the resist threads (the orange ones) were spaced a set number of picks apart in a plain weave shed.

one placemat that has already been pulled/scrunched and is ready for dyeing

the theory behind this is that by pulling and scrunching before going into a dye bath, the dye will not penetrate every place on the cloth, hence the orange threads being known as resist threads (helping areas of the woven cloth resist the dye).

previously woven and dyed small samples

the above picture gives a taste at how the process of taiten shibori weaving and dyeing may look when it's done. these are previous samples as the above pictured placemats are NOT done. notice, if one clicks to enlarge the picture, that the places where the orange resist threads were are now 'holey,' giving a lace effect. my hope is to dye the placemats in either indigo (woot) or black walnut (not so woot but still extremely plentiful and basically free from the trees in the yard).

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