Sunday, May 31, 2009

introduction to weaving: loom parts

here is the picture i posted before of my baby wolf, but with the parts labeled. enjoy!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the loom

this is my baby wolf with three warp chains. putting the yarn on a loom is called 'dressing'.

the main loom that i use is a four-harness baby wolf, made by schacht. i don't think i could possibly say enough good things about this loom; it's a real workhorse! the maximum weaving width is 26" and i've discovered that about 20 yds of 8/2 yarn is the maximum warp length i can wind on comfortably and with confidence.

i have three other looms which get used with less frequency: a small tapestry frame loom, an inkle loom and a square frame two-harness table loom (a dryad leiscester).

welcome to the weavery

welcome to the weavery, the place where i design, create and weave. one of my goals for the Summer (and i hope to have it stick past that) is to blog with regularity about what i'm weaving. having a home-based business isn't all laughs and giggles; there are many of the same struggles as are present in work outside of home. my main one seems to be motivation and i'm hoping that this blog will help in creating more momentum.