Monday, November 23, 2009

my latest finished WIP

pastor m, with his new Ordinary Time stole. he's the music minister at church (hence the piano).
close-up of the design on the stole. it's an overshot called "small honeysuckle", a miniature pattern. the warp is an 8/2 100% cotton green (brownish tint), the ground weft is a 3/2 100% mercerized cotton green (bluish tint), the design is 22/2 cottolin (60/40 cotton/linen) in gold (might be antique gold).
overshot is, by far, my most favorite block pattern to weave. there are so many different designs to be made with just four harnesses (altho' one can weave overshot on more than four as well). and so many variations can be made with just one threading.

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